What Are The Best Summer Makeup Tips?

When the weather is hot, you’ve got makeup on your mind. Your makeup looked great, but now you’re melting. Here are our best summer makeup tips to keep you looking flawless, longer:

Best Summer Makeup Tips

1. Foundation can be the first thing to fail in hot weather.

To almost guarantee that your face stays in place, mix a touch of primer with a full formula foundation. The primer helps the foundation to stick. And definitely avoid oil based foundations. They are guaranteed to slip and slide.

2. Carry a facial mist, or lightly spritz your face with water.

You want your skin to cool down, which will make foundation stay on longer. Remember, just a light spritz.

3. Blot powder is a must in hot weather.

Use it in areas that appear oily before your makeup even starts to run.

3. Powder eye shadows have a tendency to either cake or crease in hot weather.

Dab a non-powder touch base or primer on your lids before applying any eyeshadow to keep it from creasing.

4. Use a waterproof gel eyeliner.

Eye pencil either smudges off, or you end up having raccoon eyes when the heat and humidity hit.

5. For lips, use a liquified long wear lipstick.

They have the shine of a gloss, but the lasting power of a stain. Many make-up artists suggest not wearing lipstick at all if you know you’ll be in hot weather. Instead, dab some highlighter at the center of your top lip to create a glow that sticks without a lot of upkeep. If you really have to wear your favorite lipstick, blot powder directly on your lips with a brush.

6. Mascara is probably the most difficult to keep in place when the weather turns hot.

Mascara that’s water resistant or waterproof is a good bet. A better bet? Invest in professional lash extensions. They’re worth it on hot days and steamy nights.

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