Which are the Most Underrated Skincare Products?

Underrated Skincare Products

The skincare product market is full of options, with new items coming out on a regular basis and making claims to take care of, or at the very least hide, many common skin issues. New products get the most hype, but it’s often the overlooked ones that deserve more attention and get lost in the crowd. Here’s our list of underrated skincare products.

3 Underrated Products You Should Add to Your Beauty Routine

Sometimes the most underrated skincare products are the simplest, and are products that have been around for a while.

#1 Toner

This one has been around for decades, and during that time, has undergone many reformulations, changes, and, some might say, upgrades, as the science and available ingredients changed. Toner no longer has to be synonymous with stinging, painful application. It’s a much gentler product that works just as well.

#2 Vaseline

This one has been on store shelves and used in beauty regimens for decades, and there’s a reason for that. The packaging isn’t pretty, but it works. Vaseline does not clog pores and is both highly refined and triple purified. We urge you to be careful about the brand you consider. Not all are the same level of purity and certified non-carcinogenic.

#3 Primer

While primer helps achieve that flawless faced look that we all crave for. Put primer on as a first step, even before foundation or concealer. We believe that primer is an underrated skincare product because it’s not an everyday product for most women. possibly because it’s a highly misunderstood product.

At Kristals, we believe that your skin should be as gorgeous as possible, and these underrated skincare products are a great place to start to create your perfect skincare and makeup routines.

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