Which are the Most Common Blush Mistakes?

Common Blush Mistakes
Common Blush Mistakes

There is an art to using blush. Such a fine line between not enough and too much. Blush may seem like one of the simplest makeup products to apply. With that in mind, an easy way to get on the path to great-looking blush is to avoid the most common blush mistakes.

4 Common Blush Mistakes We All Make

#1 Not Blending Well

Applying blush is one thing, but the key to a natural-looking, beautiful complexion lies in the art of feathering it out from the cheeks out toward the hairline and eyes. Fail to do this properly, and you’ll end up with the unsightly look of two red dots on your cheekbones. The key is to take your time and practice up on your brush strokes until you get it just right.

#2 Using Too Much

Blush is one of those cosmetic products that is easy to overdo. And the worst part about it is that once too much is on, it’s incredibly hard to get off without wiping your face clean and starting over. To avoid these problems, start with less than you think you need by gently sweeping the brush through the blush. It’s always easier to add more later than remove it once it’s already on.

#3 Picking the Wrong Color

The color of blush is surprisingly difficult to get right. It needs to be flattering and subtle, making your cheeks look slightly, naturally flushed. Too brown can make things muddy, while too red looks unnatural. It often takes some trial and error to get things just right.

#4 Using the Wrong Brush

Finally, some women try to skimp or save money by using a smaller brush or a different makeup brush to apply their blush. With a makeup layer as critical as blush, this just isn’t a step that you should ever try to cut corners on. A good blush brush needs to have a dome shape at the top of the bristles, be soft and plush and have an overall diameter of about two inches to provide you with the best coverage.

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