What are the Beauty Products Celebrity Makeup Artists Swear by?

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For makeup artists looking to get their A-list clients red carpet-ready, it’s a combination of tricks, new innovations and, most importantly, beauty products. Makeup artists probably spend more time studying what’s out there because they depend on products to deliver those results. Here are a few key beauty products that celebrity makeup artists tend to rave about.

5 Fave Beauty Products Celebrity Makeup Artists Love


Once you are exposed to the sun, it can change your skin tone drastically. One of the effective and efficient choices you can ever have is to have a concealer on hand like Laura Mercier, a favorite of those who make up famous faces. They tend to favor Laura Mercier because it’s good at hiding dark blemishes and discoloration.


A mascara is a must-have product for beauty lovers of all kinds, including makeup artists. Artists say it’s one of the top mascaras around since it’s great at making lashes glossy, luscious, and defined. When you use it, you have to employ a nylon fiber brush as it can coat your lashes from root to tip. As a result, it can build up many stands of softening lashes.


RMS cream formula is one of the highlighters you can count on. In fact, celeb makeup artists Alice Lane favors it because she believes it can work on any types of skin tone. Lane also likes RMS because of its subtlety, versatility and natural ingredients: coconut oil, castor seed oil, rosemary extract, and castor seed oil.


According to top makeup artist Nick Barose, this foundation has a great luminosity that allows it to mimic a natural finish of your skin, plus you can use it with any skin type.


This bronzer brand offers not only a beautiful boost for the skin tone but also the peace of mind in knowing that it doesn’t shimmer, making it yet another preferred product among the top artists who help celebs get gorgeous.

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