What are the Top Makeup Trends?

We all want to be on the cutting edge of what’s popular in beauty. And while some makeup trends can be a little too avant-garde for everyday use, there are others that are so great that they stand the test of time and become a true trend for the season. With that in mind, we asked the beauty experts at Kristals Cosmetics which new Top Makeup Trends we need to keep an eye on.

6 Top Makeup Trends

#1 Dewy and Glowy

Makeup looks vary from dry and matte-like finishes to wetter looks, and a subtle dewy, glossy look is in right now. This means that cream-based foundations and blushes are preferred, but it’s best not to overdo it in order to keep the look subtle.

#2 Wet Lips

Along those lines, lush, moist-looking lips are another hot trend this year. Look for products that contain lip oils that will help you add a little luster to this important aspect of your look.

#3 Glossy Eye Lids

Keeping with the dewy trend of 2016, many are adding additional luster to their eyelids with products such as lip gloss or eye vinyl. It rounds out the dewy look in high style.

#4 Red Lips

Lipstick colors are changing all the time, but bold red is a staple that comes and goes into fashion quite frequently. And stunning “candy apple” red is definitely in vogue for the lips right now.

#5 Colorful Eyelashes

Another bold color trend is emerging when it comes to eyelashes. If you’re looking to add a little interest and break out beyond boring black mascara, then experimenting with a bold blue or yellow may be the way to go.

#6 Partial Eyeliner

Another unique eye trick is to apply eyeliner only partially around the eye, rather than all the way around, to create the illusion of negative space. It’s a subtle trick that adds a lot of visual interest to the eyes for a stunning overall look.

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