What are the Best Kept Makeup Artist Beauty Secrets?

Makeup Artist Beauty Secrets

Makeup artist beauty secrets are the most powerful and effective makeup tricks any transformation needs. Adding some ideas to your bag of makeup tricks can always come in handy.

Here’s a selection of the best kept makeup artist beauty secrets:


Line up Your Liner:

Start with a pencil liner to get a straighter line, then go over the line with a liquid liner so the latter goes on without smudging.


Chill out your eye lotion in the freezer for a while, then apply to your lids before you add the eye makeup. This may help reduce puffiness.


Point It Out:

Make sure your lip liner has a super-sharp point. Since hunting for sharpeners can be a headache, look for products with built-in sharpeners. This makes the pencil easier to control for an on-point application.

Match Tones:

Pull out your lower lip and check out what color it is on the inside. Then go with a lipstick shade that’s pretty much the same tone as the inside of the lip, but maybe a bit lighter or slightly deeper so you get a look that works best for your kisser’s unique tone.


Feed Them:

Add some depth to brows that are sparse by putting on a nourishing balm before bedtime. In two weeks, you should see this extra bit of TLC add some needed thickness.

Stop the Smears:

A gel liner designed for long wear that’s set with a bit of powder is a good way to keep everything in place with no unpleasant smearing.


Brush It Off:

When trying to cover up blemishes, go with a concealer brush and use concentrated, short motion so the bristles can reach those pimple crevices more easily and cover it up more effectively.


Try a hydrating mask before you get your makeup on, since this can help deliver some always-welcome moisture to the skin and prep it nicely.

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