What are the Best Celebrity Skin Care Tips to Follow?

celebrity skin care tips

We’re always on the look out for the hottest celebrity skin care tips. Even though celebs can sometimes veer off the deep end with skin recommendations like exfoliating with kitty litter or getting stung by bees, many of them are very smart about their skin care. So we took a look a closer look at some of their best tips to share some lessons.


Before foundation, Emily Blunt makes sure to hydrate with a richly formulated moisturizer. This preps the skin nicely for makeup and generally gives her that fresh, dewy look she usually has.


Olivia Wilde, Clair Danes and Zoe Saldaña are among the celebrities that promote gentle cleansing twice a day.


Jessica Biel won’t go outside without her SPF protection. While she has a preferred brand, the reality is that you should be fine with any broad-spectrum sunscreen that blocks out UVA and UVB rays. Jessica didn’t get into details about how often she uses it, but you should really look to slather it on twice a day, at least a teaspoonful each time.


Vanessa Williams confesses to using it—not everyone is so open, obviously. But she says she limits it to once every three months. Many dermatologists recommend treatments every 4 to 6 months, so Williams is going maybe a teensy bit more often than recommended. But she looks great, so it’s working—unlike other celebs we know who clearly need detox from Botox.


Many celebs are aware of the power of exfoliation, which is one of those basics that people often skip—or drastically overdo. Jaime King prefers an over-the-counter scrub, which is usually fine as long as you review the ingredients list to make sure it works for your skin type. Also, no more than twice a week is best—more than that and you strip away essential oils and dry your skin out…NOT a good look.


Jennifer Lawrence and Amanda Seyfried are among the celebs that soak in Epsom salts to reduce bloating before a big event, usually two or three days before it. The salts help remove excess water out of the body and (hopefully) should make that dress all the more form-fitting.

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