Skincare Advice: 6 Popular Celebs You Should Never, Ever Take It From

skincare advice lady gaga

We look at celebrities with admiration, and we imitate their fashion and beauty routines. But some celebs can also teach us a thing or two about what not to do. Here are a few you should never take skincare advice from:

Lindsey Lohan

When it comes to pretty skin, Lindsey Lohan has two strikes against her—dull texture and uneven pigment. Both can result from a poor lifestyle. Too much sun, stress, lack of sleep and smoking—all of which Lindsey is notorious for–can take a toll on skin.  Sorry Lindsey, we won’t be taking any skincare advice from you.

Terri Hatcher

When it comes to skincare, Terri has accumulated some bad habits over the years . She has larger pores and sunken eyes, which indicate insufficient sleep. She may have overdone it on the Botox. And her too-low body weight exaggerates all of these ills.

Renee Zellweger

This Academy Award-winning actress is just one of many celebrities said to have the skin condition rosacea, with its telltale rosy, red cheeks. Rosacea causes redness and persistent flushing of the skin, especially on the face. Zellweger can protect her skin with topical creams, cleansers, moisturizers, medication, and possibly the short-term use of cortisone cream or even pulsed light treatments. Rosacea can also be hidden using makeup, as long as it doesn’t aggravate the condition.


She’s already notorious for overindulging in sun and shots at the Jersey Shore. Snooki has claimed to engage in strange beauty shenanigans like using her cat’s litter to exfoliate her skin. Can you blame us for including her on this do NOT take skincare advice from list? No pun intended, kitty litter can scratch the skin and lead to dehydration and even more irritation, so you’re best to leave it for the cat.

Courtney Love

Most would agree Courtney Love takes the disheveled rock star look a bit too far. The dark, runny eyeliner and bleeding lipstick are less than flattering on–and potentially damaging to–her Celebrity Skin.

Lady Gaga

The eccentric performer changes her look as often as her clothes—at a cost. She’s been known to take beauty shortcuts like removing eye makeup and glitter with scotch tape.

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