Kristals Tips: 4 Skin Care Myths to Stop Believing, Now

Kristals Tips: 4 Skin Care Myths to Stop Believing, Now

Malicious skin care myths crop up everywhere, sometimes touted by celebrities who may actually believe them—or may getting compensated to promote them. Here we bring you some of the main skin care myths to watch out for, straight from Kristals beauty and skin care experts, so you don’t get fooled.

Kristals Tips: 4 Skin Care Myths to Stop Believing, Now

#1 Junk Food Doesn’t Contribute to Acne

Listen: you are what you eat – and if you eat crap, your body is going to push it out, and some of that will be through your pores. This inflammation will trigger acne. There are other causes – acne can be triggered by hormonal issues (which is why birth control pills actually seem to help), stress, genetics, and other factors in addition to diet – but we bet that if you detox your diet, you’ll see a difference in your skin, too.

Some of us at Kristals HQ have noticed that eating processed foods worsens breakouts – especially if you’re stressed out. If you’ve noticed this too, try cleaner versions of the same snacks, such as dark organic chocolate instead of Hershey’s, and see how that goes.

Additionally, the keys to control seem to be a good beauty routine: twice a day washing with a gentle cleanser, a good moisturizer with dimethicone or hyaluronic acid, getting blackheads treated by a dermatologist—a lot of the tried-and-true tips you’ve probably already seen because, well, they’re tried and true.

#2 You Can Get Rid of Cellulite

Sadly, no. It’s not that scientists aren’t working on this, it’s that nothing so far seems to change the dimpled effect of those pesky fat cells, explain the skin care scientists at Kristals. There is a laser treatment called Cellulaze that’s FDA-approved, but it runs anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000 and it’s touted as a way to help with the condition, NOT eliminate it.

#3 Anti-Aging Creams Can Make Skin Look Worse

While there is no doubt that retinoids can be irritating, especially at first, most of the time these creams produce improvement, say Kristals researchers. In fact, you’re more likely to end up red and blotchy (at first, anyway) with a deep chemical peel because these go so far into the skin. But these also are generally effective treatments with proven results.

#4 SPF Means Nothing after Age 40—the Damage is Done!

We don’t know where this notion came from. The fact is, you can and will be damaged by the sun at any age if you don’t apply sunscreen. In fact, skipping sunscreen after 40 is even worse because you obviously have age itself affecting how your skin looks.

So slather on that sunscreen, always! Your skin will thank you. Not to mention that you’ll continue to help prevent skin cancer and hyperpigmentation (dark spots). Win-win!

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