Kristals Cosmetics Tips: How to Decode Ingredient Lists


Kristals Cosmetics Tips How to Decode Ingredient Lists

Choosing the right skincare products for your skin type can be a confusing process. And if you’re trying to make the right choices based on the ingredient lists, it can be downright overwhelming. Many products list dozens of ingredients, and it’s difficult to tell just how much of each ingredient is in the product, and what role it plays. Luckily, the skincare and beauty researchers at Kristals Cosmetics are here to help.

They offer the following tips for sorting through the clutter and picking the right skincare products for you.

Kristals Cosmetics Tips: How to Decode Ingredient Lists

#1 Read Up on the Options

Not only are ingredient lists long, but the names are often confusing. To help you make sense of the different ingredients and what they do, it helps to do a little research.

There are a number of good cosmetic ingredients dictionary available online, and they’re a good place to start. Also, the Environmental Working Group’s cosmetics database is the best place to look to check for your ingredients’ toxicity and safety levels.

#2 Don’t Just Focus on Active Ingredients

Some people think that the ingredients listed under “active ingredients” are the only ones that actually matter. In reality, these are just ingredients like sunscreen or acne medications that the FDA classifies as drugs.

The reality is that many of the ingredients in the “Inactive Ingredients” list still play a vital role in healthy skin. So it’s important to pay attention to those, as well.

#3 Avoid Known Irritants

If an ingredient such as lemon, mint or grapefruit is irritating to your skin, then it’s not really going to matter what the rest of the product will be able to do for you. So if you know that certain ingredients are irritants to you, look for those within the product, and make sure to avoid them.

#4 Go with What Works

Even if you’re choosing products based on the ingredient list, finding the right products for you is still a trial and error process. Once you start finding products you like, make a note of the ingredients in those, and you can build on that list to find future products that work.

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