Kristals Cosmetics Tips: 5 Ways to Get Rid of Smile Lines


Kristals Cosmetics Tips 5 Ways to Get Rid of Smile Lines 

Smile lines, also known as laugh lines, are like the crow’s feet of the mouth. Over time, repeated mouth movement eventually leads to fine lines and then wrinkles around the mouth. It’s an unfortunate part of aging that oftentimes seems inevitable. Luckily, smile lines don’t have to be a part of your skin’s future, according to the skincare and beauty researchers at Kristals Cosmetics.

Our experts say there are a number of simple steps you can take to prevent smile lines or eliminate them if they occur. Here’s what they suggest.

Kristals Cosmetics Tips: 5 Ways to Get Rid of Smile Lines

#1 Protect Yourself from the Sun

As with most areas of your skin, the sun is not your friend when it comes to the face and the area around the mouth. Since the mouth is already susceptible to wrinkles over time, additional damage from UV exposure will only speed up the process. That’s why face protection from sunscreen or broad-brimmed hats is a must.

#2 Choose a Quality Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Making an anti-wrinkle cream with ingredients such as vitamin E, grapeseed oil, coenzyme Q10, niacimide, and other powerful wrinkle fighters part of your daily regimen is an important step in keeping smile lines at bay as you age. Taking supplements with these vitamins and minerals helps too!

#3 Moisturize Regularly

A good moisturizer further assists in the rejuvenation process by hydrating the skin, keeping it looking fresh and new. A high-quality one should be part of your daily routine for preventing smile lines. Check out these moisturizers from Kristals Cosmetics if you haven’t found a favorite yet!

#4 Avoid Smoking & Chewing Gum

Along with skin damage and aging, the main reason wrinkles appear around the mouth is due to repetitive movements of the mouth. Activities such as smoking cigarettes and chomping on gum are only going to speed this process up and make the wrinkles occur faster.

#5 Look into Cosmetic Options

If you already have unwelcome smile lines, the reality is that nothing is going to eliminate them more quickly than a cosmetic option such as botox or another alternative. Speak with a cosmetic surgeon if you’re interested in going this route to eliminate smile lines.

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