Kristals Cosmetics Tips: Tackle 10 Top Beauty Problems


Kristals Cosmetics Tips Tackle 10 Top Beauty Problems

Achieving perfection in your beauty routine is hard enough as it is. When you make a mistake applying a product or have an imperfection that you don’t know how to solve, it becomes that much more frustrating. And there are 10 common beauty problems that always seem to crop up—and they’re always highly irritating– so we spoke to the skincare and beauty researchers at Kristals Cosmetics.

To help when these issues arise, here are their solutions to these 10 annoyances.

Kristals Cosmetics Tips: Solving the 10 Most Irritating Beauty Problems

#1 Picking the Wrong Cosmetic Colors

Find out the store’s return policy. Some stores, such as CVS, will take opened cosmetics back if you bought a color that doesn’t work for you.

#2 Trouble Removing Makeup

You might need an oil-based rather than a water-based formula for more aggressive cleaning. Bobbi Brown cleansing oil is a good option.

#3 Smudged Nail Polish

It takes a bit of practice, but you can smooth it out by putting just a dab of acetone remover on your index finger and lightly sweeping it over the smudge to smooth it out.

#4 Flaky Skin

Try a moisturizer that features coconut oil for ultra nourishment. It’s worked wonders for many with flaky skin.

#5 Lipstick That Bleeds off the Lips

Start with a lip liner to establish a solid boundary before applying lipstick. This will help you “color in” without straying beyond the boundaries.

#6 Bad Makeup Brushes

An occasional washing with baby shampoo will clean up messy brushes and get out all the stray hairs that often cause problems.

#7 Razor Bumps

Change your shaving routing and make sure you are cutting along with the direction of the hairs, rather than against it.

#8 Thin Eyebrows

Practice with an eyebrow pencil to fill in and make the eyebrows look thicker and more natural.

#9 Yellow Fingernails

Soak them in a paste of baking soda and lemon to rejuvenate the nails and remove the yellowing.

#10 Cakey Foundation

Dab the cakey areas with a damp washcloth. After that, use your finger to blend it in seamlessly with the surrounding area.

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