Kristals Cosmetics Tips: How to use Niacinamide for Anti-Aging

Kristals Cosmetics Tips: How to use Niacinamide for Anti-Aging

Of all the hot new skincare ingredient that come and go through the years, one recent one that seems to produce real results is known as niacinamide. This derivative of vitamin B3 has slowly made its way onto the scene in a variety of skincare products, and the results are real and dramatic, according to Kristals Cosmetics experts.

To determine all the ways that niacinimide may be able to help you with your own skincare problems, we spoke with the skincare and beauty researchers at Kristals Cosmetics. Here’s what they had to say.

Kristals Cosmetics Tips: How to use Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) for Anti-Aging

#1 It Can Halt Hyperpigmentation

The lightening and brightening impacts of niacinamide on the skin are well-documented in the research on this vitamin B3 derivative. Several studies have noted that niacinamide can significantly decrease hyperpigmentation and even out skin tone. This is one of many reasons that Kristals Cosmetics included the ingredient in our Aventurine Collagen Booster Serum.

#2 It Banishes Wrinkles

Niacinamide also enhances the growth of proteins and ceramide, which both contribute to new, healthy skin cells and improve the overall structure of the skin. This makes it a substantial fighter in the battle against fine lines and wrinkles such as crow’s feet and neck/chest wrinkles, and several research studies have noted its impact in this area.

#3 It Puts a Stop to Acne

Finally, if acne is something you continue to battle even into your adults years, then niacinamide has proven its worth for treating these problems, as well. Laboratory researchers have found that the ingredient reduces your body’s production of sebum, which can directly lead to acne. A second study found that a 4% concentration of niacinamide reduced the severity of acne.

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