Kristals Cosmetics Tips: Powerful Solutions for Hyperpigmentation

Kristals Cosmetics Solutions for Hyperpigmentation
Tired of looking at signs of hyperpigmentation like dark patches, spots leftover from healed blemishes, and uneven skin tone when you look in the mirror? Fret not — Kristals Cosmetics specialists have several powerful solutions for your skin woes.

Hyperpigmentation is caused by extra melanin in areas of your skin — inflamed areas caused by acne and too much sun exposure are big culprits. Hormonal changes during pregnancy or if you use oral contraceptives (aka “The Pill) can trigger these skin changes, especially if you get lots of sun exposure. But aging, genetics and your natural skin tone (hyperpigmentation is more common with olive-toned and dark skin types) can also play big roles.

The solutions for hyperpigmentation below can help change the way you look and get you back to a more youthful-looking, even skin tone ASAP.

Kristals Cosmetics Tips: Powerful Solutions for Hyperpigmentation

Look for These Ingredients in Your Skincare Products

Some of the most effective ingredients to fight pigmentation are salicylic acid, chamomile extract and glycolic acid. They help brightening the skin, as well as exfoliating and smoothing its texture. Exfoliating, it is worth mentioning, is really important because the skin cycle gets slower with ageing, and cells pile up on the surface of the epidermis. Then, buffing away dead cells aids to speed the renewal process, and consequently helping you to get rid of the unwanted spots.

Retinol: Proven effective for reversing pigmentation and skin damage, this naturally occurring Vitamin A derivative encourages skin turnover, bringing fresh, clean cells to the surface.  Check out  Kristals Cosmetics’ SAPPHIRE Retinol Age Correcting Cream for a great option.

Salicylic acid and glycolic acid: Found in peels and topical exfoliating treatments, these acids provide gentle peeling action to lighten spots. Salicylic acid can help open clogged pores, controlling and preventing blemishes that can lead to uneven skin tone.

Vitamin C: It’s not just for lemonade and orange juice! Vitamin C reduces melanin production and diffuses excess melanin in dark areas, lightening and brightening your skin. Kristals Cosmetics’ AMBER Multi-Vitamin C Dark Spot Corrector delivers focused correction to uneven skin areas via a highly concentrated formulation of 10% vitamin C plus ascorbic acid to brighten and correct tone at deeper skin levels. Vitamin E fights skin aging while amber powder adds youthful elasticity.

Licorice and chamomile extracts: These natural soothers are often added to skincare products to help lighten skin gently and naturally.

Azelaic acid: Found in prescription products, this ingredient is effective against skin discoloration caused by acne and rosacea.

Three Doctor’s Office Solutions for Hyperpigmentation

Sometimes you need a dermatologist’s help to zap spots, patches and discoloration. These procedures are effective:

Microdermabrasion: Gently removes the top, dead layer of skin – sloughing off superficial pigmentation. May be combined with chemical peels or prescription skin products for deeper benefits.

Chemical peels: These use chemical agents to remove top skin layers, getting rid of surface discolorations and revealing younger, more evenly-toned skin beneath.

Laser treatments: In the hands of a trained dermatologist, various laser treatments using different wavelengths of light can zero in on discolored areas. They promote faster skin cell turnover.

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