5 Worst Beauty Blunders to Avoid for People With Oily Skin

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Common skincare mistakes can make for the worst beauty blunders — and can make oily skin worse! Read on for five mis-steps to avoid so you can befriend your skin and get it under control instead of unwittingly provoking your oil glands.

5 Worst Beauty Blunders to Avoid for People With Oily Skin

1) You strip too much oil away when you cleanse

Scrubbing too hard and using harsh soaps and cleansers remove too much oil – leaving your skin’s outermost layer parched and weak. Skin oil keeps this layer healthy so that it can do its job holding in moisture, protecting against infection and looking dewy-fresh.

Switch to a gentle cleanser for twice-a-day clean-ups. Blot dry with a clean towel; re-using the same towel too often could spread pimple-triggering bacteria.

2) …then slather on heavy-duty anti-acne products

Oily skin and clogged pores often go together, but using products with too much salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or other acne-fighting ingredients can dry and irritate your skin. That can ramp up oil production, launching a vicious cycle.

If you use an acne product, get one with a low concentration of active ingredients and use it every other day. A gentle option is Kristals Cosmetics’ ROSE QUARTZ Oil Free Spot Treatment.

3) You use a strong toner to “control” excess oil

Harsh, alcohol-based toners can remove plenty of oil…leaving skin feeling squeaky-clean. Mission accomplished, right? Wrong. As with cleansers, gentle is better if you use a toner.

Removing too much oil leaves the surface of your skin undefended. It could become irritated and inflamed more easily. Instead, go with a gentle product like Kristals Cosmetics’ ROSE QUARTZ Oil Free Clarifying Action Toner designed to soothe inflammation.

4) You don’t moisturize, ever

Even oily skin needs help maintaining optimal levels of water inside. This keeps skin healthy, which can actually keep oil secretion levels lower. Choose a light-weight, oil-free moisturizer or serum containing hyaluronic acid to help maintain proper oil/water balance. 

Avoid heavy moisturizers that seal the surface of the skin. These aren’t a great idea with oily skin because they can clog pores.

Looking for the perfect moisturizer for oily skin? Try Kristals Cosmetics’ ROCK CRYSTAL Refining Moisturizer for Oily Skin or the ROSE QUARTZ Oil Free Hydrating Cream.

5) You face the sun without sunscreen

A rosy, sun-kissed glow may temporarily hide red marks from blemishes, but it’s not doing oily skin any favors. Sun burn and deeper sun damage just kick oil production into higher gear…leading to more shine and more clogged pores.

A better idea: Use a sunscreen or SPF moisturizer or foundation formulated for oily skin. Pair it with sunglasses and a hat with a wide, trendy brim to protect your precious skin from the sun’s damaging ultra violet rays.

Avoid these 5 worst beauty blunders and you’ll go from uncontrollable oily skin to a more balanced and healthy complexion.

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