Kristals Cosmetics Tips: 3 Ways to Stop Neck Wrinkles

We all want to look younger, for as long as we possibly can. And there’s nothing wrong with that, especially when looking younger means taking care of your body and your health! Staying youthful doesn’t stop at the chin, however. If you want to preserve and protect your appearance – and not give away your true age – be sure to pay attention to the delicate skin of your neck and upper chest.

Here are a trio of tips that can stop your neck wrinkles from getting worse. If you are lucky enough to have avoided neck wrinkles so far, these ideas will also help prevent them from forming in the first place.

  1. Plump it up. Neck and chest skin is much thinner than other parts of the body and has fewer oil glands, making it susceptible to dryness. Moisture is the answer! After showering or cleansing, apply moisturizer, using an upward, circular motion from the top of your cleavage to under your chin. Gently but thoroughly massage it in well to get a beneficial boost in circulation. You might try a richer product than the moisturizer you use on your face. For extra luxury, consider Kristals Pearl Neck & Chest Extra Firming Cream to improve skin firmness, elasticity, suppleness and moisture. It also includes boron to di­ffuse light for a healthy glowing appearance.

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  1. Screen yourself from the sun. Most skin aging is actually photo-aging, directly caused by the effects of the sun. Unless you are wearing a tight turtleneck sweater, protect your neck and chest from any further sun damage by using a broad-spectrum sunscreen lotion every day without fail. Reapply if you are outdoors for the whole day, even if it seems cloudy.
  1. Stop smoking! As if you need another reason to quit smoking cigarettes, you should know that smokers are five times as likely to have excessive skin wrinkling compared to nonsmokers. Smoking directly damages collagen, and the repetitive muscle motions involved in inhaling create creasing in the skin around the mouth, chin, and neck areas. Just don’t do it!

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