6 Ways to Naturally Boost Collagen

The protein collagen is the building block that forms the structure and strength for your skin. So when it comes to your skincare routine, anything that can protect and encourage the growth of collagen will be of major benefit. As it happens, there are a number of natural ingredients that can help you do exactly that in order to enhance beauty and fight the signs of aging. We spoke with the skincare and beauty researchers at Kristals Cosmetics to determine their top natural ingredients for boosting collagen growth.

#1 Fatty Fish
Research has indicated that omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation in the body and provide a protective effect to the skin’s cells, most notably collagen. And the most abundant natural sources of these fats are fish like mackerel, herring, salmon and tuna.

#2 Aloe Vera
Aloe is well-known for healing wounds like sunburns, and there’s a good reason for this. Studies that examined specifically how aloe works seem to indicate that the wound healing occurs because the aloe is boosting collagen production.

#3 Aventurine
This shimmering green gemstone is used in a number of skincare products for its anti-inflammatory properties. Kristals Cosmetics has paired it with cutting edge peptides to specifically promote the growth of collagen in its Aventurine Collagen Booster Serum.

#4 Berries
Some of nature’s richest, and most delicious, sources of antioxidants are deeply colored berries. Whether you choose blackberries, strawberries, raspberries or blueberries, they all fight free radicals and promote the growth of collagen to fight the signs of aging.

#5 Avocadoes
Avocadoes are like the plant-based version of fatty fish, positively brimming with healthy fats as well as antioxidants to enhance your body’s collagen-building potential. One specific study of avocado oil noticed that consuming it specifically increased the amount of collagen in the body.

#6 Garlic
Garlic contains sulfur, which has been shown in studies to increase collage production. And the lipic acid and taurine also contained within garlic help to repair collagen fibers that have been damaged.

About Kristals Cosmetics
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